Aaahhhhh.... The Garden!

 I love the idea of having a garden. The planning, preparing, maintaining, and harvesting are all pretty easy once you've decided what's going in the garden… or so I thought! I also thought an endless supply of fruits, vegetables and herbs would mean I would be able to walk outside, pick whatever ingredients I needed, rev up the skillets and have a five course meal every night within minutes… right... Obviously my train of thought frequently comes only with a misinformed caboose.

However, my high expectations have grown and developed into much more of a love affair in the backyard. I readily hurry home in hopes the girls are still having their naps, and sneak into our home. I try to manage changing my clothes and freshening up for my dream date awaiting me behind the house. I open and close the door as quietly as possible, step onto the back porch and I am whisked off my feet.

“Mommy!” AHA, I’VE BEEN CAUGHT! All the better, as I love nothing more than the girls and me learning about our garden all together.

And this garden has definitely taught us much more than we ever dreamed… The family time spent in the garden has been surprisingly more than expected. The digging, planting, watering, weeding, waiting and watching is being enjoyed by all of our family members. Gary loves watching the rabbits hop by and eat everything.
Chayse loves toddling up to pull some weeds, and get her hands into whatever Sloan is doing at the moment.

Sloan has loved everything from watering, planting, spotting the new fruits and flowers, to recently harvesting the tomatoes.

Ryan and I have enjoyed taking care of our plants together, becoming excited when they bloom, and watching them grow. I compare it a little to parenting with much less responsibility- and you can just throw out the bad ones!

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