Thursday, July 29, 2010

Avoiding The Signs

When things are calm and quiet in our home, someone is usually into something...
Well, in this case the culprit just so happened to be Chayse. 
She loves to toddle off and vanish in our house and make a grand entrance once she reappears.  Or more frequently... once she is caught getting into whatever has been keeping her away and intrigued.  Well, this is what I walked in on when she went unseen and unheard for a few minutes...

The toilet bowl was full of an entirely new roll of toilet paper, which she had strategically unwound and piled as high as possible! (after dividing it into three sections, we finally got it down and flushed!) Needless to say, this is why we only purchase the generic brand, and splurge only in our bathroom- where the TP wasters don't wander!
Caught red handed!! Look at that bowlfull!

I have yet to determine if she just enjoys the thrill of putting toilet paper in the potty, or am I totally in denial that my youngest is ready to be potty trained?  She has been saying "toot-toot" quite frequently while grabbing her diaper... Ok, I am avoiding the signs at all costs! The diaper-less phase is such a dread for me! Right now, Sloan is obsessed with every restroom except those at home.  Restaurants... Target... Kroger... and any other location we would have to lay the seat with toilet paper, use our elbows to push open the doors, and our feet to flush!  Gone are the good ole' days where I am able to do my shopping or eating and wait to change the diaper in the car! But, I'm sticking to my guns and postponing the potty training for Chayse until she can at least tell me when she has to go! (So, that buys me a little time at least!)

On another note... We ate a cantaloupe from the farmers market, which was amazingly juicy and extremely delicious!!

The girls devoured the entire half all by themselves...

This makes me wander why my cantaloupe did not grow this year?  For that matter, why can't we be just as successful with any of the fruits and veggies we are growing? Our garden is just not performing so well for some reason.  Perhaps I was too confident in beginners luck!
The only watermelon in the garden... 
Is now, no longer in existence. It was thoroughly attacked by some sort of nasty gnats and eaten way too early.

My 3 stalks of corn are sprouting (although its not enough to germinate the kernels... they are still fun to watch grow!)  My tomatoes are dying, my pumpkin vine is very sparse, and what I thought were cucumbers growing...
turned out to be a large weed!!

On the other hand... my roma and cherry tomatoes are still somewhat cooperating, my one pumpkin is holding on for dear life and somehow my pepper is still growing strong!

Speaking of the backyard... we are finally putting in a fence!! If the weather cooperates, we will start tomorrow and hopefully cage in the girls around back so they don't wander the neighborhood, or worse... run in the streets!
Let's hope it's at least a start in the right direction to keeping those gals at bay!

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