Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sportin a New Do!

After all the screams and pulling out hair I finally broke down! Gone are the days of forcefully brushing Sloanie's hair!! No more rats nest, no more fighting for a pony tail, no more brushing tangled, matted hair, no more stresses with Sloanie Balonie's tresses!!!!

Take one last look at the tangled mess famously sported by Sloan...

Finally! We have both come to an agreement on the best solution of dealing with her hair...


How cute is she!! She could pull anything off with those looks!!
Even better, I'm sure we will both be so much happier! Not to mention making someone else's day- by donating it to locks of love... we had just enough!

Although, she did get a hold of the scissors and wanted to cut some of her hair too!
Luckily we stopped her before any damage was done!
So far, she and I both love her hair!! Although, I do already miss how pretty it was when it was clean and combed... which was hardly ever!

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