Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back to Life and Back to Reality

Well, we are officially back in the swing of things after our amazing visit to Portofino
(Scroll through the photo gallery on portofino's website of activities to see the other Atkins clan on the trampoline!)  

I have made it back to work, the girlies have started back at school, and Ryan has started his new job! So far, so good... Sloan was a little skeptical at first (only because she was exhausted) and Chayse is now walking right into her daycare to play with her friends she missed! (I was afraid we would relapse being out of our routine... but she continues to do great every morning!) As far as Ryan, I'm excited to see how he likes his knew job, and see how the rest of his week unfolds! So far his first day went well!!

Now that I have touched on reality, I am going to reminisce on our vacation... BEWARE... grab some coffee, sit back, and prepare to wonder how in the world I managed to find the time to write such an incredibly long post!!

anyway, i'll start by pretending as if we are still living the life of watching the sunrise every morning,

along with the life of walking the white beaches,

enjoying the pool,

soaking up the sun... (and downing a Fanta...hhmm...),

watching dolphins from the boat rides,

chillin and not having a care in the world,

and most importantly playing with the girlies and enjoying the fam we were able to be around! 

(and oh yeah, we had a great time wondering if the crazy guy on the floor below us was going to come up and complain again about the "pitter patter" he could hear from us in his condo...hhhmmm.... there's always someone trying to ruin a good time! - better luck next time my friend!)

As for the rest of our wonderful getaway...
we went to the zoo, where Ryan's dad, Jim (aka Pa-pa) made some new friends...

Jimmy and "Goat"! These goats were all over Jim the second he sat down.  I missed the picture where they were both right behind his head, so instead I was able to capture this one of their CBT meeting they were having...

Afterwards we fed the animals, where Sloan realized they would go straight for the cup instead of her hand holding only a few pellet's...

my favorite were the giraffes!!
Although for some reason, I think that giraffe was a little more interested in something (or someone) else...!

This one on the other hand was absolutely disgusting! I realized I am not a fan of bats.

this thing was at least a foot long- and he's hanging upside down. Can you see his wing with his long fingerlike things... yuuuughh...!!

And of course, we had to stay and watch the chimps for a while, really because they were in the shade... and it was extremely hot out that day- Jim had given up on us long ago, and was waiting for us in a cool spot he found.
And yes, Sloan is wrapping her foot in Kleenex... Some ants bit her foot, so of course, it HAD to be propped up and nursed on all day long!

We had such a great time at the zoo, although we Jim could have saved some money if we had just gone to Wal-Mart and ridden on the rides! That was the most exciting part of the day!!

After seeing the land animals, we thought we may as well see the marine life too! So we went on a dolphin tour...

ok- really!? I can't just leave it at that! This was absolutely amazing!! We went on a dolphin tour and after they came up to the boat, the captain reved up the engine and was able to get them to follow us! They followed us for a good 15 minutes- and kept up with us, swimming and jumping the entire time! There were two on the back right side, and three on the back left side of the boat.  Unbeliveable!

Look how close they were to the boat!! They were loving it in the boat's wake!  ( I don't know who was loving it more... them or me!?) Chayse the entire time kept pointing and saying in a shrill of excitement, "quack, quack"! She is absolutely precious!
 But of course, she's so smart to connect a dolphin to a duck... they are both water lovers! right.......

On the boat ride the girls became captain for a while...

and of course I had to take advantage of the opportunity of Pa-pa giving Ryan the camera and guilting him into taking a picture! Ryan with a camera is few and far between... or having anything to do with one- I don't know why he's burned out on my picture taking!?

I'm sure you need a refill on your coffee by now!!

Now then- to continue with this neverending post, I'll keep going with my favorite beach-times...
Another highight of the vacation was taking Chayse to the beach early in the morning when no one else was awake. (although, we could have been as loud as we wanted, and nothing would have awaken Jimbo in his whitey-tightey, deep snoring, knee-over-the pillow, couch-sprawled slumber...and this is happening in the family room of course!) - I definately have a picture, but don't worry- I'm trying to gain more followers!!

Chayse was loving the water rushing over her feet...

and of course we had to set her fishes free in the ocean! ('just go... go willie go!')- that one's for you uncle "cha-ce"!
and then the next morning Sloanie woke up to go with us! She was a little distraught the day before, when she found out we went without her (while she was asleep)!

The entire trip was amazing! From the time Sloan saw the first sign of the ocean and said, "OH MY GOODNESS! THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!" to the last day on our trip of releasing our captured seashells- although that one is still a touchy subject for me...

All in all Ryan and I were actually able to relax a little (I was even able to read a book!!) A first in about 3 years- I wonder why...!? All with the help of my loving, helpful and wonderful in-laws! (you don't hear that too often!) Thanks so much for all your help Gigi and Papa!!  If it were not for Gigi, my girls would have fallen over board while I continued snapping away at dolphins, our clothes would have never been washed, and our bellies would have never been fed!  Thank you so much!!

WOW! OK- so this post has officially worn me out... I think I need another vacation after all the work I put into this one!  i don't know if i can do another novel like today! (let's hope not at least!!)
 I'll leave you with this...
the #1 lesson I learned on the trip...

before you see these feet headed towards you- make a decision:

1- hang around and decipher what he's talking about
2- get him to stop wearing you out by agreeing to risk your 2nd mortgage to become a millionaire (in 13 days... 13 months... 13 years...???)
3- figure out a good way to change the subject and then... high tail it outta there!!

Jimmy-Bo... you're the best, and I'll love you no matter what!


  1. I don't even know what to say. WOW! LOVE it!!! You are by far the BEST blog I read! I was on the edge of my seat, laughing hysterically, and ADORING all the pictures! :) Miss you guys!

  2. Ryan + 2 Barbies = blackmail. :)