Thursday, September 9, 2010

home away from home

I love nothing more than spending vacation with my family.  Life could not get any better than being able to spend my undevided attention on our fam, (and have a beautiful place to do that while vacationing...) starting the day waking up to my precious girls snuggling between my husband and I (after they have run in from their room), followed by a warm cup of french vanilla cream with splenda and a hint of coffee while watching the sun rise with my girls from our balcony. This is the most breathtaking moment I have as I try and answer the "why's" to a three and (almost) two year old about the sun rising.  Not only are they curious, but they too are just as amazed as I on the beauty of the colors painting the clouds and reflecting on the ocean. 
Chaysie watching the sun rise... note the scratches on her nose where she fell yesterday off the bed, onto the corner of the table, and down 3 feet to the floor- (her nose bleed for quite some time after- which in the end looked as though someone had been masacred- and with all the crying, i'm sure the neighbors thought the same) poor little thing!
We enjoyed this moment as long as we could until reality hit that they would only last so long before becoming bears without any food in their bellies... so the sun rose, we ate, and the day went on...
and what a day we have had!

Chayse has an obsession with airplanes... so we took her on the Blue Angels cruise, which goes over to watch the Blue Angels practice. And she was not the only one mesmorized!!! You'll see why...

they were so close! and right over our heads!!
some dolphins surfaced up to see what all the racket was!

and of course, it wouldn't be a vacation (for us) if we didn't go to the beach or pool...
in this case, the beach was a little too hot, so we opted for the bay instead!

and of course, we felt right at home with the usual "streaker"...
I'll be back with more from the beach!


  1. A post while on vaca...WOW, you are getting good! Don't worry your ever faithful follower is loving it! You are so funny, love the coffee comment and poor Chayse! Can't wait to see you guys when you return! Enjoy the rest of your vaca! :)

  2. your blog is too cute and so are your little girls!! love it cammie!

  3. Oh I love this! Such a great idea, you are going to have to teach me how to do this...and in person we need to get the kiddos together!