Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pass the Sugar Please

OK, so what's the best way to approach my 2 week long hiatus... I'll just avoid that white elephant in the room, and act like I've been updating regularly... So here goes... I'll just jump right in!

Two wonderful years ago, we were celebrating the birth of baby Chayse. 

 She was born October 19, and became the most adorable, precious, lovable, beautiful little baby girl.  She's always been sooo easy sleeping through the night, never crying, and taking her sister's abuse like a champ. 

As the months passed, she has pretty much stayed the same ol' sweet, innocent, little girl.  She's super easy, almost constantly smiling and laughs at almost anything and everything! To put it simply... She's just absolutely ADORABLE! She bobbles around and makes everyone fall in love with her within a second.  She does what she's asked, and if not, she is extremely easily persuaded with a little food, which she has grown to have an enormous affection for.  

I always told myself, if I knew another one would be as easy as her, I would definitely try for a third...  OK- fast forward until now and my how things change! 
How in the world have the 'terrible two's' crept up on us so quickly?!!  I never thought this would happen to my little angel! Its like a disease that has completely taken over and entirely transformed her! There has to be a fix- an old ancient remedy or something!? But, until I find it- I'll stick with what seem to work best. Give her some lipstick and let her go to town!

She reminds me a little more like an old cat.  99% of the time, she's loving and enjoyable, but if you push her to her limit... oh brother! watch out! Hold on to your hair, put on some shin guards and run away! She hits, smacks, pulls hair, yanks things away, throws things, and pushes and will not- I repeat... WILL NOT stop her tantrum until she is absolutely sure she is going to get her way! And even then, she is so mad she doesn't even realize we have given in, and she has gotten her way...again... Or perhaps she's on to something?...hhmmm....?
But then again... I can't get too upset with her because she is just standing up for herself! I mean she has taken quite a beating from that sis of hers! Chayse has been bit, pinched, hit, smacked... you name it! Poor thing! So... now what do I do? Any ideas?
* not really the best picture I could have dug up... but it does show the torture she endured... you can count all of Sloan's 12 teeth on poor little Chaysie's leg!
So, basically- here are my options:
1~ let her be a Diva for my own sanity until this phase passes (and possibly make matters worse)
2~ own up to the duties of being a mom and discipline her (over at our house that's just a good beat-down to show them who's boss  only a time-out...) - ok, please don't send CPS... I'm only wishful thinking! kidding!
3~ let them duke it out, and show Sloan a taste of her own medicine!
Or perhaps there are some better ideas? anyone?

Ok, so on a much lighter note... her little birthday shin-dig went over smoothly! Her 'terrible two-itis' was very well managed! And fortunately the cute little baby Chayse we all know and love was in full affect! 

We also had an amazing day on her actual birthday when I took the day off and concentrated only on Chayse and my family! The best day I've had in a very long time! I told myself I was not going to do anything other than play and concentrate on them! Nothing too out of the ordinary, since I obviously don't focus on my house, dinner, or to-do list! So, from now on, I'm not going to act like I'm any kind of home-maker... I'll just keep hanging out with them, instead of trying (and being unsuccessful) to balance everything! How does everyone else do it? Please let me in on the secret.

Anyway, aside from my tangent... back to our amazing day...

*I mean, the picture is so much more important than getting burned!*

After breakfast, (and luckily preventing a burned finger), we took sloan to Pre-school, and headed off to Target for her pick of a present, and then to the Library.  I was greatly reminded of my love for the library! I have not been there in years, and I don't know why I have let the joy of searching for books slip away.
We then went to pick up the three other members of our family: Sloan, Daddy, and of course Chick-fil-A.
We headed off to Keenland for a picnic under the direct line of departure airplanes - (a favorite of Chayse's).

It's not a great birthday unless you can get away with a good nose pickin!

Is it obvious I was threatening Sloan for a good picture?
Since she put in some effort, I followed through and we were able to swing by the stalls and see the horses.  I don't know if we were suppose to be there- so I left the camera in the car to avoid any curious onlookers!
After nap time we finished the day with one last hurrah!


And after...

Definitely a lesson I learned the hard way- so, if you take anything away from all this rambling... please just take away this... USE WASHABLE PAINT... no, no, don't worry... the rain won't wash it off! Once they see how gorgeous their work is, THEY DON'T WANT IT OUTSIDE!!!!??? WHY DID THEY WAIT TO TELL ME THIS AFTER WE STAINED EVERYTHING IN SIGHT!!?? Now, if anyone knows a way to get acrylic paint off clothes (especially a particular favorite orange polka dot Halloween kitty shirt)- I'm all ears!

OK- so it's not a birthday without a little more sugar right before bed time! I mean, what's the harm?... as long as their teeth get brushed!

Please notice, Sloan can blow out Chayse's candles... but no way can Chayse blow out Sloan's... even though it's not even her birthday?

OK, so after looking at these pictures again I have been greatly reminded how adorable Chaysie is (and Sloanie too of course), and how I'm fortunate her 'two-itis' only comes out every now and then... And, in reality, deep down, I can't help but crack up at the Jekyll and Hyde I am so in love with and hold tight and kiss every chance I get!

I love you Chaysie! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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  1. Fabulous...ALWAYS a good read! You are doing such a wonderful job Mommy, who cares about the house and to-do list as long as the kiddos are happy! Loved the "birthday day" you had for Chayse with the whole family, so sweet!
    Can't wait to see you all soon!
    Oh, and I'd go with number one, that's what I'm doing...'ignoring and hoping it goes away', we're on year 3 here though and it hasn't stopped yet! Little Divas! :)