Friday, November 5, 2010

The cat's meow

I'm a sucker for Halloween! I love everything about it! Halloween has always been one of my favorite Holidays... but then again, I think I say that with every holiday that is being celebrated at that point in time! But Halloween is not like the rest.  Witches, Goblins, Ghosts, Haunted Houses and dressing up! What could be better!? And to top it off, you get to walk around your neighborhood and talk to all your friends and neighbors while passing out and receiving candy! It takes a lot to top this one! And I love to see all the different ideas for costumes and decorations. It's so much fun! 

It's such a great holiday too because it's the first holiday to really start off the holiday season! (I mean could I say the word 'holiday' one more time in one sentence?...)  I know everyone here knows their holidays, but really, after Easter, there's a drought. And then... Halloween comes around! Then Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly following, with New Years and Valentines day and Easter ending the celebrating frenzy! I mean it starts off the season of having a holiday once a month until Easter! So, its a great holiday just for that reason!
Anyway-  We have tons of dress up costumes in the basement, and so we just picked from the endless supply. I tried to save some money this year... while I still can at least, since they don't have any requests yet!  So, we went with the two cats that were in the stash.  (Of course, I had to be a little more persuasive so they would want the cats over the random and unknown princess dresses.) I really tried to sell the nemo outfit to one of them, while the other wore a cat- but if one has something, the other has to also... so we went for the two cats!
However, I was not as successful in getting a great picture of those little kittens...

Although I must admit... this one turned out to be rather cute! 

 But then they ran away as fast as possible to ride their cars... if I was going to get any more pictures, it was gonna have to be on these. 

Oh well - better luck bribing them with candy!

It worked for one of them! At least, long enough to capture a couple cute shots!

Here's the loot before I (as dad always said), 'go through it and make sure it's all ok to eat!'  

Thanks dad for teaching me such a great line! I can't believe I'm just now figuring out why you would always say it!

Ok- gotta go... those Skittles are completely calling me name! (If they are even still in there...)

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