Monday, July 26, 2010

Party Hoppin

The most difficult part of having a blog is choosing which part of our life I am going to talk about... and not to mention weeding out the pictures and finalizing which ones to actually show.  I would love to show all of them! But, to spare you from overloaded, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

This weekend was great!  What weekend isn't good?!  Although this one was a little crazy with the bombardment of birthday's! Sloan and Chayse are quite the socialistas!!

We had two different 'pink' parties, a 'build-your-own sundae' and 'tie-dye' party, and finishing off with a dinner party!
The theme for all parties seemed to be very creative, with some major risks, which I am glad were not at my home!  Several toddlers with hot pink paints, ice-cream varieties, sundae toppings, and tie-dye are not my top choices on ways to keep the house clean... obviosuly those mom's are much braver than I am! I say that now, but when the girls birthday's roll around- i'm sure i'll be getting myself into a similar mess...
Chayse was enthralled with making her own princess crown!  Quite different than dad's normal 'don't mess up the house' routine!
Sloan was frantic with the pink paint, 'glue' as she called it- and was a little crazy when we had to share it.  Later, she hunted it down and continued with her obsession.  If I was a good mom, I would get her some at home... only to think otherwise when Ryan would find out, and have to clean up all the paint spills!  To save our sanity, and our marriage, maybe we'll hold off a while on purchasing some!

Chayse's masterpiece!...
and only one of Sloan's!... (The other has mounds of pink paint- which is still not dry!)

Chayse, of course, was mesmorized with the idea of food being on a necklace! (her two favorite things... food and accessories!)  Life could not get any sweeter! 

The build-your-own sundae was another big hit! Sloan's eyes were much bigger than her stomach!  But I can't blame her... it did look very tempting!

Chayse forgot the bowl, and dug into everyone elses!

As for the tie-dye... If the kids clothes made it through the sundae bar, they were garbage bagged to prevent dying of their own clothes...
The final product of sloan's (with nothing left to dye) and Chayse's (with green).  Sloan finished her's and moved on to Chayse's while Chayse was toddeling around, trying to figure out how to open the lid on the dye.

and of course, we didn't think about covering their feet...

The last party (dinner party for T.T. again) was a hit, even though the birthday girl did not show! She claimed she was a little under the weather, although we know "houdini" was curled up in bed reading a book at home! On my birthday, I would rather being doing the same thing though!
All in all, we had a great weekend! My favorite part was being able to finally capture a last minute picture of the girls and me (with everyone looking at the camera!) Everyone looking AND smiling would have been pushing it, but I'll keep trying!
Well, so much for keeping it short!

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