Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well, Here Goes... Catching up on the Sugar and Spice of Our Life

I am so excited to get the ball rolling on our family's blog! This will not be a project like most of mine, which nonetheless start off full force, and slowly fizzle away as my life goes on with other new projects at the time. This one however, will be for absolutely good reason! This is my most recent attempt to keep everyone (and myself for that matter) updated on the goings on and moments I've luckily caught on camera of our little handfuls. I am obsessed with those adorable gals of ours, and love talking about them, and catching them in the act of whatever they have gotten into. I have so many stories, and pictures I capture throughout the week that I just don't know what to do with them all! So, hopefully this will be an abundance of wonderfully useful information (and photos nonetheless) for your enjoyment, with hopes of keeping everyone as up to date and entertained as I am with our family. Please stay tuned and up to date with whatever mischief they have at that particular moment in time by staying in touch and hopefully enjoying the sugar and spice of our life!

To catch us all up to speed, lets rewind just a little…

Sloan has just turned the big 3! I never knew what a big deal three was until she was approaching it! Getting rid of our "Bobi's" (paci's)- for both Sloan and Chayse, using the big girl potty and wearing big girl panties, changing into a big girl bed, and going to preschool in the fall! So much to take in for such a little one! Imagine the stress! I can’t even take in the changes of all the diva’s costume changes throughout the day, much less the drastic measures of so much going on in her little life!

Anyway- Sloan is obsessed with Tinkerbell, so of course we had a Tinkerbell appearance at her Tinkerbell birthday party! And what an appearance she was too! Aunt Laine (“Bugs”) has a children's costume company called MemoryLaine (check it out here and on FB) and she was a huge hit! No surprise there though!!

For our patriotic side…
We went downtown for the 4th of July Parade this year. Now, this was quite an adventure for us, as we rarely venture outside of our normal comfort zone of Granma Gigi’s house and loud restaurants we can get away with destroying. However, it was worth the risk as Aunt Bugs was performing Karaoke for the first time with an audience.

A definite sight to see- and I’m still debating on if I can say the same about how it all sounded! Ok, honestly, I will admit- I think she did an amazing job for her first gig- and she definitely had the look down! No surprise there though… She always looks the part for whatever she has ventured into! Aside from her singing debut, she was the “fly girl “L.A. Licious Laine” – (she used to live in L.A., which comes in handy for promoting!) All in all, she was a huge hit, and she did great! And most importantly it was a great time had by all!

I think Chayse enjoyed it the most as her two favorite things are eating and dancing. She tried a corn dog for the first time and she took one bite, looked at the dog and stared… then said, “yyyuuummmm” (one of her only words that we can recognize!), and then dove in for round two… and three… and four….

Our neighborhood pulled out their first “4th of July Parade” so of course we partook! Although, I failed miserably to put to use the decorations I had purchased the day prior.
But at least Sloan let me pull her hair back so the rat’s nests were somewhat disguised… there was no way I was tackling that mangy, tangled, dried yogurt crusted, messy hair day she had going on that day, as she would have never let me step foot near her with a brush in hand ever again! But, if I do say so myself- they both sure do look cute in their patriotic colors- and of course, it’s not just because I’m biased… they just look absolutely adorable!

Moving on a general note… They are both all over the place all the time!
At some points, they love to dress up, which is great, unless its when they have come across my jewelry drawer... Chayse loves playing in all of my jewelry, then Sloan gets mad and pulls it off of her because she wants some pieces too, then Chayse yells... and the battle starts... However, if I could just get organized enough to move my bracelets and necklaces to an unreachable place for such small destroying hands, at least one war would never begin!
They go from dressing up and wanting to look soo pretty, to the complete opposite spectrum of doing whatever they can to avoid staying clean at all costs! It’s an endless battle, to which I recently have accepted the fact I am always going to round the corner of the drive, pulling in from work and spot them running around, with clothes on if it’s a good day, (and hopefully other than their jammies!) and immediately spot the crusty yogurt staining their clothes, hands and face on top of being covered in the purple syrup from the popsicles, which is also dried in their hair. I have completely owned up to knowing my kids are never going to be prim and proper, let alone clean on a daily basis. I’ve decided letting them do their thing, as long as they are safe and happy, which makes for a Zoloft free place for us all!

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